Welcome to Pathway

The Platform that Gets Your Funds to You Fast

Milestone is a financial firm that assists plaintiffs like you as they prepare to receive their payment. Our Pathway™ platform helps ensure your funds arrive faster, that a variety of secure payment method options are available, and that you’ve had an opportunity to decide if payment planning is right for you. Here’s what you can expect.

Receive Your Payment in 3 Simple Steps

  • Sign Your Closing Statement
    You’ll receive a unique link via email or text message from your law firm, which will take you to your Closing Statement. Sign in one click.
  • Review Your Planning Options
    Payment planning is important for people who receive government benefits and/or want to ensure their funds last over many years. Review your options and decide whether you’d like to speak with a member of Milestone.
  • Choose Your Payment Method
    With Pathway, you get to decide how to receive your funds. There are a variety of options available. Select the one that’s best for you.

Your Payment Options

Receive your funds within 10 business days after completing your selection. For a paper check, allow an extra 1-3 weeks for mail delivery. Estate claims require completion of selection by all beneficiaries before payment is made.


A prepaid, virtual Mastercard requires an email address.


PayPal requires your name, address, phone number, email, and a debit card, credit card, or bank account.


Zelle requires a bank account. Note that your name on the transfer must match the name on the bank account exactly.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit requires a bank account. Note that your name on the transfer must match the name on the bank account exactly.

Paper Check by Mail

A paper check by mail requires your name and current mailing address.

How to Find Your Banking Information

Setting up some of the payment methods above requires a bank account. Finding the information you need is easy. Either log into your online banking or grab a paper check – your account’s listed address, routing number, and account number are all there.

Questions? Check Out FAQs

At Milestone, we want you to feel empowered to use the Pathway to quickly and efficiently receive your payment. If you have questions about the platform, the payment process, or anything else, the answer is likely on our frequently asked questions page.